With turkey day looming in the distance, I think now is a good time to give thanks for great memories, including Thanksgiving Days of yore.

One of my favorite memories is from our family farm out in east Texas, which we recently sold. Not having this magical place to escape to during the holidays gives my nostalgia a hint of sadness, and I'll always have a special place in my heart for that old, sagging house, the wandering cows, and the beautiful landscape.

The last holiday season we spent there, we got a little bored twiddling our thumbs around the house. Texas was unlike Colorado at the time, and was not under a burn ban, so we would often make bonfires early in the afternoon and sit beside them all night long. The subject of 'what would happen if we put an old spray can into the fire' came up, and my dad told us he'd show us-- as long as we kept a safe distance and had a hose on hand.

This is the result (we recommend you turn the sound on):

Yeah, we don't recommend you try that at home. Let me tell you, though-- it was really, really funny.

Share your favorite Thanksgiving memories with us in the comments below, and don't forget: whether it's a mishap, an explosion, or any other kind of disaster, sometimes the best memories come from the craziest situations as long as you're with people you love.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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