It was clear that the crowd at Civic Center Park in Fort Collins was growing steadily for two reasons by early afternoon-- one, because local band Slow Caves was about to go on, and two, because St. Lucia was officially on the grounds.

We managed to make it backstage to talk to Jean from St. Lucia, and he said he was excited to be in Fort Collins, mostly because he realized the company Topo was based here (one of his favorite brands).

St. Lucia went onstage and performed an awesome set right after local favorites Slow Caves, and he even managed to make it out into the crowd to greet his front-row fans during one of his jams.

Thanks so much for coming to Fort Collins, Jean, and we hope to see you back here soon!

Thank you to Marissa Link, who snapped all of the photos.  You can reach her on her Instagram page at Marissa Link Photo.

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