More than 10,000 of you voted and chose the finalists for NoCo's Best Restaurants, from BBQ to pizza to breakfast and more. Our judges did some eating, and debating, and chose the winners at Townsquare Media's Taste of Fort Collins.
Here were the finalists for NoCo's Best Asian Food!

Sally's Kitchen

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Sally's Kitchen nearly had the top slot with their delicious avocado wild rice, and their location is different than any other restaurant you'll see on the list! This college favorite was a close runner up with their delicious grub.
Chili House
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Chili House presented a great dish with their Thai Sanbei Chicken. We highly recommend trying it the next time you order takeout from this great local restaurant!
And the winner of NoCo's Best Asian Food is...Young's Cafe Vietnamese Cuisine!
Young's Cafe Vietnamese Cuisine:
The lemongrass soup that Young's presented was truly the winner here: the first sip was filled with flavor and spices, plus, the friendly staff at Young's showed me how to combine all the fresh ingredients once I was ready to eat my takeout order. The complexity of the flavors and friendly service is truly why Young's Cafe Vietnamese Cuisine took the top slot, and we wish them a big congratulations!
Catch the contest in action with the Taste of Fort Collins' on-demand livestream here. And, don't forget to use NoCo Nosh to try delicious food from NoCo's Best.