It’s been 20 years since we last saw RoboCop shoot up the silver screen. Since then, Detroit has seen the ominous foreshadowing depicted in the action film franchise come to fruition. As the Motor City pulls itself up by the brakes and struts, we get a sneak peek of its homeland hero’s return via this teaser from the cyborg’s manufacturer, OmniCorp.

What made the 1987 original release so appealing was its tongue-in-cheek satirical take on urban America’s dystopian future. The commercials and promos scattered throughout the film brought a twisted dark humor that served as a commentary on the media and entertainment’s spin-doctoring of the setting’s bleak outlook. With this fictitious spot from OmniCorp, we get that same false sense of security.

In the trailer, the private security and defense firm profiles the XT-908 unmanned aerial drone, which has infra-red tracking, facial recognition, reactive cloaking and active stability, the ED-209, which has twin .50 caliber Cobra Cannons, Hell Fire missiles, and reactive graphine armor then hints at the development of the RC-2000 — aka RoboCop — where ‘human resources meets robotic engineering.’

The film will star Joel Kinnaman (The Killing), Gary Oldman, Samuel L. Jackson, and Hugh Laurie and is set to blast the doors off theaters August 9, 2013. Considering the long journey this reboot has taken to get the green light, we should expect nothing less than perfection. Judging by this spot and the new viral OmniCorp site, we’d buy that for a dollar!

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