From one fashionable blonde to another! No Doubt fans are not the only ones looking forward to the Gwen Stefani-fronted band’s forthcoming album ‘Push and Shove.’ Turns out Lady Gaga is equally as excited.

The Mother Monster tweeted about the new No Doubt disc, their first in a decade. It’s likely that Gaga will receive an advance copy of the album since she is an A-lister on equal footing with Stefani and because she is signed to Interscope, as is No Doubt. It’s not like she can’t buzz label head honcho Jimmy Iovine — you know him from his stint as the mentor on ‘American Idol‘ — and ask him to share tunes with her stat!

‘Push and Shove’ is set to drop on Sept. 25. While it’s too late for any collabo on this album, perhaps Gaga and Gwen could find some time to get into the studio together and do a duet? That would be one for the ages. Make it happen, Iovine. Plus, Stefani’s last name is the same as Gaga’s real first name. This has the makings of “has to happen,” doesn’t it?

Gaga doesn’t often tweet about other acts, but when she does, it’s a big deal. Stefani should send her a bouquet of roses to thank her for letting 26 million people know No Doubt has a new album coming out in an instant.

See Gaga’s tweet about her excitement below.


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