It hasn't been decided yet as to whether or not wild wolves will be reintroduced to Colorado, but a new wolf sanctuary is in the works.

The aptly named Northern Colorado W.O.L.F. Sanctuary, which is currently in Bellvue, began construction on their new location in Livermore this week, according to the Loveland Reporter-Herald

W.O.L.F., or Wolves Offered Life and Friendship, is a non-profit owned by Shelley Coldiron.

Coldiron started the organization in 1995 to provide wolves and wolf-dogs who can no longer live in the wild with a place to stay.

Their current location in Bellvue is difficult to get to, especially in bad weather.

This prompted the organization's decision to move to Livermore, where it will be safer and more easily accessible.

The move will not only allow Coldiron to provide larger habitats for the wolves, but she will also be able to give educational tours to the public.

However, the finished project is a long ways away. Construction workers are currently installing a safe access road to the sanctuary — once this is completed, work can begin on the animals' enclosures.

Coldiron is hoping to open the new property, which is predicted to cost over $2 million, to the public sometime in 2021.

The non-profit has successfully raised about $1.5 million towards the project so far, but Coldiron is still hoping to get volunteer construction labor and donated materials.

The new sanctuary is a necessity, as The Rocky Mountain Wildlife Foundation (RMWF), a popular Colorado wolf rescue, closed in December.

While RMWF is working to relocate their wolves to Sedalia, it never hurts to have more homes for our furry friends.

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