UDATED - May 13, 2024:

CBS reports that all four Denver metro Red Lobsters have been closed, at least on a temporary basis. The Littleton and Northglenn locations are still open, as well as other locations outside of Denver.


Colorado restaurants seem to come and go, every year, while some stick around for decades. Red Lobster has been around for what seems like, forever.

Are their days in Colorado coming to an end?

Will we be kissing those delicious Cheddar Bay Biscuits, "Bye-bye?" Will you be going in before they start shutting down the ones they might deem "not worth it?"

Red Lobster dates back to 1968, with the first restaurant opening in Lakeland, Florida. All these years later, it's now owned by a Thai company, and have almost 600 Red Lobsters across America and the world.

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There are 16 Red Lobsters in Colorado.

Will Red Lobsters in Colorado Be Shutting Down?

If you hadn't heard, Red Lobster isn't doing all that great, these days. In 2023, they lost over $22 million; part of that came with that huge "Endless Shrimp" promotion that they did, which lost them $11 million.

I didn't even get one dang shrimp, let alone "endless shrimp." What a fool.

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Now, Red Lobster has a new CEO; one that is well-versed in going through bankruptcies. So, it feels like Chapter 11 bankruptcy may be looming large for Red Lobster.

With that, they may indeed decide to close "underperforming" locations, as part of a restructuring plan; one or more of those locations could be in Colorado.

Which Colorado Cities Have the Most Red Lobsters?

Aurora and Colorado Springs are tied, with each having two locations. If you count the Denver Metro as a whole, that area (Denver, Lakewood, Northglenn, Wheat Ridge) has four.

For many, Red Lobster is comfort food. Maybe it's the décor, maybe it's the food, maybe it's the memories that come back, after going with family so many times.

If you enjoy Red Lobster, you probably have a favorite one in Colorado. Hopefully it gets spared.

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