Lounging on a beach in the middle of winter sounds like a nice, warm and relaxing treat. I think it’s safe to say we ALL would enjoy that on some far away tropical place.
But what if I told you that it was possible to do it right here in the great state of Colorado?

To celebrate the 75th year of Aspen Snowmass they recently announced the creation of Snow Beach, but instead of white sandy beaches with views of the ocean and 75 degree temps, you’ll have white powdery snow and insanely awesome views of Aspen Mountain and all of the other surrounding peaks of the Rockies…oh and the temperature will be around 40 degrees colder give or take.

The cost? Well, it’s Aspen so it won’t be cheap but you can get various levels of experience ranging from $300 to $4800 per couple.

Pretty neat right? I’m not going to lie, Aspen is actually a little (or a lot) out of our family budget but I think this would be a fun thing to save up and splurge on a bit.

This whole new mountain experience will start up on President’s Day weekend, Friday February 18th and roll through March 27th.

so whether you want to experience this flying solo and just hang out in a lounge chair or grab one of those sweet pop up tents that can fit between 2 and 6 people (they have various sizes) you can experience the “beach life” Colorado style in the dead of winter.

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