We've been patiently waiting for some real snow this season in Northern Colorado, and it looks like we may get our wish on New Year's Eve.

Snow In Northern Colorado

It just figures, doesn't it? No snow on Christmas Eve or Christmas and, frankly, very little to none at all in some Northern Colorado areas so far this season. Then, the one night we could really use this mild winter weather we've been having so we can enjoy some New Year's Eve fun, we've got snow in the forecast. Yes, it's true, Denver 7's Mike Nelson is calling for a chance of snow in Northern Colorado this Friday for New Year's Eve and possibly Saturday for New Year's Day, too. As of now, he says we have about an 80% chance of snow on Friday and a 60% chance of snow on Saturday. Living in Colorado my whole life, I'm not always sure what to believe when it comes to weather predictions, because it can literally change within hours of the initial prediction. But it seems like Nelson's pretty confident in that white fluffy cold stuff dropping from the sky to welcome the new year, though.

While some aren't too excited about the snow, it's absolutely needed in our great state of Colorado. With no snow, our risk of drought and more wildfires drastically increases, so the more white fluffy stuff, the better, as far as those two important issues are concerned. Plus, we need to be able to fire up the new snow blower that we got from Santa, right?

As far as your plans for this weekend go, especially if outdoors watching fireworks, etc., dress warm and be prepared for some cold and snowy conditions as we kiss another year goodbye. Happy New Year.

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