Dax Shepard, husband of 'Frozen' star Kristen Bell and star of 'Bless This Mess', sent Ram country into a tizzy today.

Barstool CSU as well as hundreds of Colorado State University alums jumped into the comments section after Shepard highlighted his 'Bless This Mess' coworker, who appears to be an alum himself. Check out the photo right here:

Most people in the comments section are trying to find out who he is because they think he's a smoke show (and don't get me wrong, he is), but I combed through trying to find his handle so we could ask him what he's up to in Hollywood.

Whoever he is (my sources are leaning towards him being a Production Assistant on the show), it's cool that Colorado State Alums can go on to have bright futures of hanging out with famous people casually on set. Stay in school, kids!

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