You do not have to wait any longer for QuikTrip in Colorado as the location in Firestone is now open as of Thursday, June 16. The opening of the famous gas station chain off Highway 119 and Interstate 25 has also prompted cheap gas.

Considering that Colorado's average gas prices for regular unleaded have reached an all-time high of $4.90 per gallon, seeing a bit of relief at the pump is a welcomed sight to see in Northern Colorado. It appears that there is a bit of a gas war going on in Firestone.

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Credit: Ryan Harding
Credit: Ryan Harding

Aisha Jefferson-Smith, Corporate Communications Manager for QuikTrip, had this to say about the opening of the first Colorado QuikTrip location in a press release.

"We are excited to introduce QuikTrip in Colorado with our first store in Firestone. We look forward to bringing our unique QuikTrip band and culture to our new community"

The QuikTrip press release also states that Colorado QuikTrip customers will be able to enjoy the lineup of QT snackles that include fresh donuts, salads, wraps, roller grill items, and QuikTrip's signature pizza by the slice.

The QuikTrip in Firestone also has an expanded QT Kitchen offering made-to-order food, specialty drinks, and more.

QuikTrip Coming to a Colorado Neighborhood Near You

Quiktrip's expansion into Colorado isn't one or two locations in the state. In the coming months and years, Colorado will be home to nearly six dozen QuikTrip locations. 70 Colorado QuikTrip locations in total and as of September 2021, 30 of those locations have been marked out.

Heading north on Interstate 25, you will soon see another QuikTrip at the Highway 66 exit. Construction is currently underway at the future Evans location on the northeast corner of U.S. Highway 5 and 31st street.

Planning on visiting the new Firestone QuikTrip soon? I have a tip for you. If you happen to love iced tea, get one of QuikTrip's tasty fresh-brewed QTea's. It will change your tea-drinking life forever.

Source: QuikTrip

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