Cat litter will soon create careers in Windsor.

A Canadian cat litter manufacturer will be opening up a new plant in Windsor next year, according to The Coloradoan

The U.S. plant is expected to provide around three dozen new jobs. On top of this, the new location is estimated to have a $1 million impact on the economy over the course of 10 years.

The company, called Intersand, will invest more than $18 million into the new plant for building, land, and equipment costs. The Intersand America Group has already purchased 7 acres within Windsor.

Stacy Miller, Windsor's economic development director, approves of the new arrangement, stating that Intersand fits into Windsor's "manufacturing puzzle" and brings in a new industry employer.

With average industrial salaries currently sitting at around $50,000 a year, the new development will provide an economic boost for the community.

The Canadian company decided to expand to Colorado in order to be closer to cat litter's main component, bentonite, a clay know for its high absorption capacity.

According to the company's Vice President of Sales and Marketing Carl Dubois, Intersand's patented cat litter technology prevents smells for up to 40 days.

Called OdorLock, the litter is available worldwide in pet stores, and the Colorado products will be manufactured, packaged, and shipped from Windsor.

Intersand is doing more than just creating jobs, however. The company's CEO Stephane Chivegny pledged to donate four tons of litter to the Larimer and Weld County humane societies.

Chivegny was inspired to start the company during his college years, when he was living in a tiny apartment with his two cats.

25 years later, furry felines are still close to Chivegny's heart, as he refers to cats as Instersand's "most important customer."

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