We all know that when school starts in August, there are those chances of the school day being a hot one when temperatures outside rise to near 90 degrees or more. When schools don't have proper air conditioning to make the day more comfortable, it can make the day less enjoyable for both teachers and students alike. Well the Poudre School District could be doing something about that coming up next school year.

The proposed change would have high schoolers start school two days later, while middle and elementary schools in the district wouldn't have their first day until a week later than the norm. The new school calendar would look like this:

August 20th: Start of High School

August 24th: Start of Middle and Elementary School

December 21st: Start of Winter Break

End of May: Last Day of School

If you'd like to be part of the discussion concerning the possibility of a new school calendar, the topic will be discussed by the Board of Education at it's meeting on January 13th.

Heat days will also be an option that will be at the discretion of the district if and when the temperatures will rise with a 48 hour notice.

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