Poudre Fire Authority has confirmed on Twitter - what some initially had reported online - that a small plane crashed Sunday evening just west of Horsetooth Reservoir.

One Twitter user reported seeing the plane appear to struggle as it passed low over Horsetooth, thinking it was going to crash, which is what eventually happened.

Crews from PFA and Larimer County Parks were on the scene within minutes after the crash, where they discovered two passengers had safely made it out of the plane and were transported to a local hospital with minor injuries.

The plane, according to Flightaware's database, is a 1975 CESSNA 172M, with a single engine that seats four passengers. It's owned by Thunderbird Aviation in Littleton.

It took off from Boulder Municipal Airport about 6:30 and flew north. After circling around west Longmont a few times, it made its way up toward Fort Collins and passed low over Horsetooth, before crashing just to the west of the reservoir just before 7:00 PM.


TSM, Chris Kelly
TSM, Chris Kelly

No word on the identities of the pilot or passenger, but Poudre Fire Authority's follow up post indicates all is well. As the saying goes, "any landing you can walk away from is good enough."

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