A popular restaurant in Colorado is under investigation by the health department after 4 of its customers got sick.

According to Denver7, Vietnamese restaurant Pho 75 in Aurora has closed for now after 4 people got sick after eating there - one of which landed in the hospital.

Jan Stapleman, spokesperson for the Colorado Department of Public Health, confirmed they are investigating the dining establishment.

Pho 75 on S. Havana Street has a 4.1 rating on Google. While some patrons are praising their "high quality, delicious" food and their crab cheese wontons, described as the "best crab cheese wontons ever," other Google reviewers caution us not to go there.

"Don't eat here! Too many people getting sick! Food is disgusting and trashy," a reviewer named Matthew McGraw said, giving the restaurant only one star. "If you want to catch E. Coli, come here! Close this place down already!"

About 8 months ago, another reviewer documented their experience with food poisoning at Pho 75.

"The food was nasty," the reviewer named Rigo Delgado. "Food gave my wife, my son, my mother, my brother, and me food poisoning. I eat pho a lot and this was the worst pho I have ever had. The meat looked like (it) had been sitting for a good while."

Even so, a vast majority of the 41 Google reviews of Pho 75 are 5 stars.