As 2023 winds down in Colorado, we're already hearing about local favorites that are planning to say goodbye after the new year. What's next for this awesome local attraction?

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Wildly Popular Colorado Attraction Closing In Spring 2024

Sadly, a theme that continued for almost all of 2023 is already spreading into 2024. Saying goodbye to local favorites is hard, and while it feels like we did plenty of that in 2023, 2024 doesn't look to be getting any better.

From restaurants, shops, entertainment, and more, we had our fair share of great local businesses going away. Colorado's local favorite movie car museum announced huge changes for 2024, including the closing of its current location.

Rodz & Bodz Movie Car Museum Closing At Colorado Mills Mall

Opening inside of the Colorado Mills Mall in the spring of 2021, the popular Colorado movie car museum announced that it will be closing its current location inside of the popular mall and has begun looking for a new home.

On its official Instagram page, the museum announced that it would not be renewing its current lease inside of the mall, and will close at the end of April.

What's next for this awesome movie car attraction?

First, let's take a look inside of this incredible Colorado favorite...

Ever Seen This Colorado Movie Car Museum? It's Pretty Rad

Before they leave this current location in April of 2023, this popular Colorado attraction is one you've got to see. Rodz & Bodz Movie Car Museum is a real treat.

Gallery Credit: Big Rob TSM

Speaking of Colorado Icons ... How is the "new" Casa Bonita?

Colorado's Casa Bonita Worth The Money? Full Review With Pix

Yes, Casa Bonita is back, and better than ever. It's truly remarkable how they were able to re-do so much, yet it still felt just as "homey" as it has all these years. They didn't take away the things that made Casa Bonita the Colorado, and now the worldwide icon that it is. Let me start with the look... It looks fantastic. They nailed the upgrades and renovations. The service was phenomenal. The entertainment was fantastic as well. The food? We'll get to that... But allow us to take you inside and give you a sneak peek at the Colorado Icon that is, Casa Bonita!

Gallery Credit: Big Rob TSM

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From your TV to one of the (literally) coolest attractions in Colorado. This one-of-a-kind holiday tradition is something that you've got to see in person to truly appreciate. The work by these teams that is put into these hand-sculptured pieces of art is truly unmatched. The 2023 ICE! the theme at the Gaylord of the Rockies is "A Christmas Story," and the creators crushed it liker always.

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