It was quite a surprise last summer when it was announced by the city that one of Colorado's last remaining Drive-In Theatres would be closing down for good. Is it no longer closing?

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Iconic Colorado Drive-In Theatre To Remain Open?

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Do you remember the last time you went to a Drive-in Movie Theatre? My family tries to go at least one time each summer, which always ends up being so much fun. Filling up the car or truck with pillows and blankets, and enjoying a flick on one of those monster screens while underneath the gorgeous Colorado night skies.

One of Colorado's most iconic drive-ins, that's been around for over 50 years, was reportedly closing down and building a multi-tenant warehouse on the land where the theatre currently sits.

We all assumed based on the information from Commerce City that 2023 would be the last year in business for this family favorite, but apparently, plans have changed.

Colorado's 88 Drive-In Theatre To Remain Open For 2024 Season

Google Street View
Google Street View

As we had lost hope on a return for the 88 Drive-In Theatre in Commerce City, Colorado, they made a post on their social media accounts for the first time since November of 2023 that has the state buzzing!

Hundreds of comments from their loyal fans flooded the posts as people were ecstatic at the opportunity at one potential final season at the old 88. While the owners never confirmed a closing timeline, they did confirm through comments on Facebook that a closure was in the near future. Apparently, though, the near future did not mean in 2024.

While their website nor socials have an official opening date announced, they have historically opened around the third weekend of April so it's predicted that the 2024 season will kick off around the weekend of April 19th.

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