You may have seen these special lamps popping up all over the place, but now some of them are being recalled for shock and fire hazards.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, about 80,000 Himalayan rock salt lamps sold in Michaels stores are being recalled because the dimmer switch and/or the outlet plug may overheat and ignite. These pink salt lamps are sold under the Lumiere brand and are mounted on a wooden base or rest within a metal basket. (See photos below.)

Lamps being recalled were sold at Michaels stores between July and November 2016. They have the following names, SKU, and UPC codes:

  • Rock of Gibraltar Lamp / SKU 495144 / UPC 00886946056253
  • Carnival of Lights / SKU 495433 / UPC 00886946058325
  • Basket of Rocks / SKU 495146 / UPC 00886946056277

No injuries have been reported, but recalled lamps should be returned to any Michaels store for a full refund.

Himalayan rock salt lamps are actually pretty amazing, so if you can find a lamp that hasn't been recalled (there are plenty out there), it's not a bad idea to get one. According to Natural Living Ideas, these salt lamps cleanse and deodorize the air around them, reduce allergy and asthma symptoms, ease coughing, increase energy levels, neutralize electromagnetic radiation, promote better sleep, improve mood and concentration, treat seasonal affective disorder, and reduce static electricity in the air. For more information about those alleged benefits, go here.

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