Jacob Hoggard and Dave Rosin, part of the Canadian pop rock quartet Hedley, visited our office recently to throw some darts at balloons and answer some really embarrassing questions.

Intrigued? Read on.

It’s out first installment of ‘Pop the Question’ — where artists must prove their aim, but at a cost — and we luckily caught the two at their craziest. The duo play off of each other, revealing their weirdest celebrity encounter (hint: She just had a baby over the weekend), the worst date they’ve ever been on, their celebrity crushes, and quirkiest habit (beware…it involves toenails).

But before you get completely grossed out, know that there’s a sentimental side to these guys, too. The boys weigh in on their fourth studio album ‘Storms,’ which will be released in the States some time this fall. While their U.S. lead off single, ‘Kiss You Inside Out,’ is one of the more melodically playful tracks on ‘Storms,’ a handful of them (such as ‘Invincible,’ ‘I Won’t Let You Go,’ and ‘Stormy’) reflect more of the turmoil the band experienced following their third studio effort. “We were able to focus on what we needed to do, and at the same time to be there for Tom and support him as he was going through some real major life stuff.” (Tommy Mac, their bass player, at the time had been diagnosed with cancer, but is now “100 percent healthy and better again.”)

“It really shed light for us on where we’re at in life and and how we’re supposed to use our ability to make music, in terms of being able to express those certain aspects,” Hoggard adds. ‘I Won’t Let You Go,’ for example, discusses the ability to stay strong and be level-headed: “It’s kind of a take on that same courage to be like ‘s– happens [and] I’m going to be committed to this,’ whether that’s staying true to yourself on a personal level or in a relationship.”

The boys are also big on “giving back,” partaking in ‘We Days’ for the past three years. It’s a project helmed by a non-profit called ‘Free the Children,’ where they enable kids all over the world use their own resources and potential in communities that have very limited resources.

“[The programs] really sort of empower kids to be aware of the idea that a social network has everything to do with their idea of community on a small scale, ” Hoggard explains. “They start these little programs in their schools [whether it be clean water, education, health care and/or alternative income type programs] and then they start networking with each other and they all of the sudden have this voice that was kind of unattainable for our generation.” Hedley have already raised $10,000 for just one village who needed a new medical facility, by simply setting up a website (which you can check out here) as well as a booth at all of their shows.

Their seriousness dissipates once we talk of tattoos, however, and they voluntarily pull up their shirts and sleeves to show us some of their favorite ink jobs (specifically Hoggard’s black panther fighting a snake (!!!) and Rosin’s 1984 Boss Vintage guitar pedal).

Hedley’s antics are nothing short of unpredictable.

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