Poor Colorado Rockies mascot, Dinger, was assaulted on Monday night after a fan tackled him while dancing on top of the dugout. Police need help finding the suspect.

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Colorado Rockies Mascot Dinger, Attacked. Police Looking For Suspect

Remember Dinger hatching from his egg back In 1994? Those were simpler times for the Rockies' loveable dinosaur mascot.

On Monday, April 10th at Coors Field in Denver, Dinger, the Colorado Rockies' beloved mascot was attacked by a (presumably) intoxicated fan while he was dancing on top of the Rockies dugout. While doing what Dinger does best, entertaining the Rockies fans at Coors Field, a man jumps up onto the dugout and spears Dinger right in his legs knocking him down. The video below shows Dinger getting up and getting away, but apparently, the person who was working as Dinger suffered some unknown injuries. Here's the full scene if you have yet to see it.

In the above video, it looked like staff and/or security were on the spot to take care of the man who assaulted the Rockies mascot, but now it appears the suspect got away. The Denver Police Department and Metro Crime Stoppers have issued the following Crime Alert seeking help in finding the man in the photo, whom they believe is the person who attacked Dinger and fled the scene.

As seen in the Crime Stoppers poster above, if you have any information that leads to identifying the person, who is wanted for the assault that took place this past Monday night in Denver at the Rockies game, you could receive a $2000 reward. The money is cool, but I'd rat this guy out for free. Who tackles a sports mascot? What are we, 12? The number to call if you recognize this man is 720-913-7867 (STOP). Here's to finding this moron and banning him from all Colorado sports venues for life. No place for behavior like this. Go Rockies.

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