Shelter pet photos have never been better and are sure to get that pet adopted when this photographer comes around!When I'm scrolling Facebook, one kind of post always catches my eye and is one of my favorite pages to follow. AGoldPhoto Pet Photography is using his incredible talents for great and unique shots of pets in shelters that are up for adoptions. The photos bring out the pets personality in hopes to get them all adopted to great homes! Not only will your heart melt and a smile will spread across your face with every photo that is posted, but you are able to read that animals story as well.

AGoldPhoto Pet Photography travels the country helping shelters raise money and promoting adopting a shelter pet. With visits to Denver quite often...he has multiple Pet Photography events to help fundraise for local shelters in Colorado and including stops to the Longmont Humane Society, 9595 Nelson Rd, on April 20th. Sign up and come out to help your local animal shelter and get a one-of-a-kind, but sure to be your favorite, photo of your own pet! Follow AGoldPhoto and keep up with all the Colorado events as well! The photos will make your day every time you see them!

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