I talk about the movie Ratatouille all the time. Probably too much. I talk about it so much that my friends have stopped complaining to me about their rodent infestations because, you know. You should really just teach those rats how to cook and live in harmony with the dang things, amiright?

The star of Disney and Pixar's best-ever animated movie is actually coming to Colorado for a comedy show, and you can grab tickets for you and your new mice friends right here.

*Sidenote: I just consulted our college interns in the building and they said nobody cares about Ratatouille anymore, so this is a huge blow. Luckily, Patton Oswalt has a lot of other great roles, and an even more hilarious standup set— who could forget this gem?

Personally, I'm popping Ratatouille into the DVD player and getting ready for this hilarious comedian's Colorado set. You can learn more about the event right here.

*Side note: the interns have also just told me that no one uses DVD players anymore. This is another huge blow. Well...I've learned a lot today.

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