Getting some coffee or any other drink at a Colorado Panera has gone through a sudden change.

If you are a frequenter of Panera, this may get under your skin; if you don't go to Panera that often, you should still be aware of how it is, now.

Panera Loveland
TSM/Dave Jensen

Most every Coloradan has a subscription of some sort these days. Whether it be for Hulu, for the newspaper, or maybe for the Panera Sip Club. I have that subscription, it runs about $12/month - I get unlimited coffee.

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With a cup of coffee at Panera runs about $3.50, and me getting about 20 cups a month (while on my way into work,) I am definitely taking then to the cleaners.

I'm sure what they want is for me to get coffee "AND," but I don't. I go in, punch in my membership number at the self-serve kiosk, grab a cup, get some coffee, and get out.

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Though lately, I've been bringing my own travel mug (better for the environment, better for my console;) Panera is fine with that, by the way.

What is the Change That Panera Has Made in Colorado?

In Colorado, and across the country, when you go into Panera you may find, like I did at the Loveland location, that they've taken the cups away at the kiosks. You now have to go up to the counter to get a cup for your coffee or fountain drink.

Panera takes cups away
TSM/Dave Jensen

Why Did Panera Pull the Cups Away?

While there's not been an official statement, it most likely comes down to theft prevention. Having the cups by the door and by the coffee, has made it pretty easy to just grab a cup without paying for any drink.

Also, with the Sip Club, staffers just can't be sure if a person getting a coffee or fountain drink is a member that shouldn't be bothered, or a non-member who needs to pay up for that drink.

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