When the Wienermobile comes around Fort Collins, people go crazy. Last year, the iconic vehicle stopped at Otterbox and several other locations in our town, attracting families and old fans of Oscar Mayer's products.

With COVID-19 taking over our country, it's hard to say exactly what the new job of the Hotdogger (the driver of the wienermobile) will be. However, we do know that Oscar Mayer needs you anyway.

According to Barstool Sports, the famous hotdog machine needs someone to helm it yet again:

No joke, this job involves learning hot-dog dad jokes. According to The Drive:

"Your first two weeks will be spent at Hot Dog High, a two-week training program that includes choosing an appropriate Hotdogger nickname, learning family-friendly hot dog puns, and mastering the finer points of maneuvering a 27-foot hot dog on wheels."

Do you think you "cut the mustard"? You can apply to be a Hotdogger right here.

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