A collaborative event is coming in August to the Holiday Twin Drive-In with your opportunity a great dinner and a fun movie, to help save our local restaurants.

It's going to be a fancy dinner out - at the Holiday Twin on August 16, 2020. The Fortified Cinema Bistro.   An event put on with Fortified Collaborations, The Regional Hometown Food, and the Holiday Twin.

They'll have tables set up for folks to get out of their cars and dine at. The night will include a cocktail hour with appetizers, a full bar, dinner from The Regional (served by their staff), and dessert. Live acoustic music will help set the mood for the evening.

Since the event will be happening in the outdoors, a screening of John Candy and Dan Akroyd's great comedy 'The Great Outdoors' will begin at 8:30 that night.

Tables will be set for up to four people, so load up your car, as tickets for each carload are $200 (which is a great deal for four people), benefiting The Regional, as part of Fortified Collaborations' 'Save Our Restaurants' campaign.

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