Way back in 2020, when the world basically shut down, some people chose to lay around the house and pout that their friends couldn't come over to play. Others took those lemons and made lemonade, by doing whatever it took to stay entertained.

Such is the case for a dude from New Zealand, named Ryan Stokes. Ryan is a musician and due to the lockdown rules in New Zealand during COVID, he wasn't able to have his buddies over to the house to jam with him.

So he did what any self respecting musician with a need to make music would do. He taught his 55-year old mother, Andrea, how to play drums. Which led to his 60-year old father, Lyndon, learning how to play bass. Neither of his parents had ever played an instrument before, but both were quick studies mastering the basics within hours and learning some advanced techniques in a matter of days.

Ryan and his parents - and their new band aptly called "Momma's Boy" - quickly built up a following on TikTok with over 750 million views, and actually released an album on the band's Spotify account back in April.

Now that the lockdowns have ended, they have also ventured out for a few live gigs as well. As an adult, it's easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of your life and not spend enough time with your parents as you get older. But Ryan is doing it right. Well done, sir!

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