If living off-grid is something you have always wanted to do, being in Colorado has a huge benefit for this lifestyle. Being away from your normal run-of-the-mill civilization and being self-sufficient may sound very appealing, but there are some states that are better suited for living off-grid than the rest.


According to Money Inc., Colorado is one of the best states in the nation for an off-grid lifestyle. However, one county in Colorado is better than most. Alamosa County is chosen more often than not for off-gridders to call home in Colorado. In particular, the San Luis Valley.

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Money Inc. says that those that choose to live the off-grid lifestyle in the San Luis Valley do so because of the stunning landscape with mountains in every direction. It also helps that purchasing land in the San Luis Valley can be relatively cheap compared to other counties in the state of Colorado.

Overall, Colorado ranks second in the Top 20 States for Off-Grid Living by Money Inc. The number one spot goes to the state of California.

Would you ever give living off-grid a try? It's kind of like camping, but much longer term. Honestly, I think I could do it for about a week or two, then I would start to miss the creature comforts of my current, everyday lifestyle.

Want to see what other states made the list of best states to live off-grid? Take a look at the list on Money Inc.

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