Take it from someone who's had the best graduation cap of all time (see option #1)...grad cap decor is something that can leave a lasting mark (or just get you a 'good job' from Tony Frank).

I know that decorating your grad cap is technically frowned upon by the administration, but we know you all just do it anyway. Maybe, though, in the midst of finals, jobs, and other distractions (looking at you, Tinder) you're at a loss for grad cap inspiration.

That's where we come in. Here are a few options for some rad #NoCo graduation caps, just in time for your 2019 walk across the stage.

1. Use a #ThrowbackThursday picture

Look, I was a really ugly baby and I'm not ashamed of it. In fact, I put it on blast, super-zooming into one of the most embarassing selfies I've ever taken and owning it. Do the same. Embrace the ugly baby inside.

2. Don't be afraid of a cheeky Colorado-themed rhyme

'CSU-YOU later'. 'I can't BEAR to be here anymore'. The choices are really endless with our Colorado mascots. Get creative with it.

3. Celebrate the ones you're dedicating this to

Colorado is full of obsessive dog moms (no judgement) and we know you're dedicating this degree to your sweet angels. Why not put them on your cap?

4. Don't be afraid to get a little real

We get it. Graduation is hard, whether you're in college or high school. Just do you, boo.

Good luck to all the grads out there, and remember to throw that cap high in the air when the time comes to celebrate...after all your hard work, you deserve to let it fly.

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