After the long wait, concerts in Colorado are finally back to full capacity. It has been a long wait for us to see some of our favorite bands in person. This is great for local concert venues which have been struggling since the initial business closures.

Going to a concert you have been waiting to see is always a special occasion, and even going to a random concert can hold the same charm. The lights, The amplified sound, the atmosphere: all of this makes for an experience that many of us have been missing for quite a while now. One local venue I am particularly excited for is the Mishawaka. Located on the Poudre river, the Mishawaka gives a unique concert experience. Surrounded by mountains and located on the river, you get a true concert experience smack-dab in the middle of nature.

Other venues such as the Aggie Theatre are opening back up as well. This venue sits perfectly next to old town Fort Collins so that you can enjoy dinner, then walk to the show. Whether your favorite pastime is going to massive concerts at red rocks or enjoying relaxed shows in Fort Collins, these shows are absolutely back in full swing. 

With so many concerts being either delayed or cancelled completely in the recent year, everybody is feeling the urge to go see any show that they can snag tickets for. With everybody feeling the same way, I’ve noticed that many concerts are selling out of tickets fast and for good reason. If there are any concerts you have been thinking about for a long time, absolutely snag those tickets before they are gone before you miss out on the experiences you've been waiting for!

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