A Northern Colorado coal plant, named Rawhide Unit 1, will be shut down by 2030, according to a press release from the Platte River Power Authority. 

The future shut down is in response to the Resource Diversification Policy, which the Platte River Board approved in December of 2018.

The policy requires Platte River to use 100% noncarbon energy by 2030.

Once COVID-19 restrictions lift, the organization will be able to resume its integrated resource planning (IRP) process to examine potential energy mix options.

During the last completed IRP in 2016, Platte River was able to implement 30 million watts of solar energy and sign a power purchase agreement (PPA) for wind power.

"Rawhide Unit 1 has served us extremely well for the past 36 years," said Fort Collins Mayor and Platte River Board Chair Wade Troxell in the press release. "But the time has come for us to move toward a cleaner future...while maintaining our core pillars of providing reliable, financially sustainable, and environmentally responsible energy and services."

Platte River plans to reduce its carbon energy usage by 50% by the end of this year.

Once the unit officially closes in 10 years, its workers will be transferred to new roles within the Rawhide Energy Station.

However, the numerous bison that reside at the station will remain on site.

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