One of the most popular New Year's resolutions is to lose weight-- we all want to shave off those extra few pounds for the new year-- but how many of you in Northern Colorado blame alcohol for your waistline?

Yeah, we all know that drinking a beer is the caloric equivalent to eating a sandwich, but even if that's not the reason you're giving it up (maybe you just want to drink less in the new year, so as to avoid drunk texting your ex) 'Dry January' exists for a reason.

Dry January was a campaign encouraging healthier drinking habits that started in the UK thanks to an organization called "Alcohol Change UK in 2013", according to The Wall Street Journal. It gained popularity in the U.S. and since then, liquor stores and bars have rolled their eyes at the new fad.

However, in that same article by WSJ, writer Sumathi Reddy notes that because of dry January, participants might be improving their health. "A group of liver specialists found that abstaining from alcohol for a month improved liver function, blood pressure and markers associated with cancer", Reddy writes.

So here's our question for you-- is Northern Colorado as invested in the fad as the rest of the world? Are you abstaining from alcohol this month? Let us know in the poll below.

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