An average of 80 people per week were enjoying performances at the Nonesuch Theater in Old Town Fort Collins.  Unfortunately, those numbers needed to be in the 150-200 range to keep the theater in business.  The final curtain will fall at Nonesuch on April 9th.

The economic downturn combined with about $100,000 of debt has proven insurmountable for the theater.

It's a shame that economic hardships can't allow for such a great little venue to carry on. I was just at the Nonesuch a month or two ago to see "My First Time" and frequented the place on a number of occasions. The description of the theater from the Nonesuch webiste described it perfectly:

At the Nonesuch, you will experience professional theater in an intimate and charming setting. Our 49-seat jewel-box theater, located at 216 Pine Street just off College Ave between Walnut & Jefferson, is perfect for a relaxing afternoon of entertainment, the perfect date night or just a fun time with family and friends.

But this venue for performing arts and loal entertainment will be more.

The Coloradoan states that Tickets for Nonesuch Theater's final few performances of "The Art of Murder" are still are available and they will bring back "My First Time" for one final run through April 9th.

For more info on the shows you can call Nonesuch Theater at (970) 224-0444 or visit www.Nonesuch

Sad times.

Nonesuch Theater