Chalk these injuries up to something or someone else. This is a Colorado mystery for the books.

On September 19, the Gilpin County Sheriff's Office received a call from Julie Bosworth, who claimed that she had suffered from a bear attack. She was transported to Saint Anthony Medical Center in Lakewood and received treatment, as she had injuries on her arms, legs, and head.

Here's where the story gets a little weird: after a two-acre search of the area of the supposed attack, park rangers and wildlife officers found no evidence of wildlife in the area. After the search, Bosworth's clothing was sent off for DNA testing, where the only DNA found was her own and dog hairs.

Bosworth pled guilty to the class III misdemeanor of falsely reporting to the authorities and was sentenced to 20 hours of community service. Now, the only mysteries that remain...who, or what, attacked Julie Bosworth?

Source: Colorado Parks and Wildlife

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