A recent survey from Jobbio claims that 33% of Americans fear that their job will become obsolete. Quickly advancing technology and businesses wanting consistent quality at a low cost are finding those needs met with robots and computers. The upside for the consumer is a lower cost, high quality product.

While most of the robotic components can be found in manufacturing, a restaurant in Pasadena, California has employed a $60,000 dollar burger flipping robot in its kitchen. Caliburger now features a robot called "Flippy" that they claim knows the perfect time to turn a burger every time using thermal imaging, 3D, and a camera. It even knows the size and temperature of the patty, plus the temperature on the grill. The robot also has the intelligence to learn as it goes. The more burgers it flips, the more it learns.

As fancy as this all seems, Flippy can't do it all by itself. Human involvement is necessary to get the burgers on the grill and add cheese, when necessary. The robot is essentially a full-time grill cook. A job that is dirty, hot, greasy, and often the position with the highest turnover...no pun intended. The restaurant no longer has to rehire and retrain for that position. Caliburger doesn't see Flippy as a replacement for a position, rather than a needed addition to the kitchen and staff.

There are so many great choices for delicious food in Northern Colorado. Each place is unique in their menu selections, flavor, service, and price. While Caliburger is obviously a California product given their name, would we be interested in a Coloburger with a robot burger flipper in the kitchen? The perfect burger, every time?

SOURCE: Fox News 31-Denver


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