I lost my first bet here at Townsquare Media Northern Colorado. By default.

New Country 99.1’s morning crew A.J. and Maxx recently piled on about the storied unpalatable fruitcake. So, I set out to find the best fruitcake in Northern Colorado.
A.J., who particularly pilloried the candied-fruit-filled confection, wins simply because no fruitcake exists in Northern Colorado. OK, I found one, at a big-name specialty grocery store in Fort Collins.

Begging for recommendations on social media only drew debate about the divide — the fruitcake lovers vs. the fruitcake haters — shares of articles noting how Johnny Carson killed the cake and those that celebrated fruitcake history.

Google, well, you know how Google works. Two references resulted in failed attempts. Even Fort Collins’ Ginger and Baker, noted as having one of the best Christmas confections in the state, no longer makes the touted best fruitcake in Colorado.
Phone calls. Miles added to the car visiting every bakery in Northern Colorado. Nothing uncovered the best fruitcake — or any fruitcake — in Northern Colorado.

Christine Kapperman TSM
Christine Kapperman TSM

Gingerbread in Northern Colorado for the win

While Northern Colorado bakeries might not serve up fruitcake, I did find one outlet with every other Christmas confection you might desire: Little Bird Bakeshop, 11 Old Town Square, Unit 121, Fort Collins.

Even the grinchy A.J. agreed that the Stout Gingerbread goodness could become a new Christmas fave. The Fort Collins bakery features three key local ingredients: Equinox Brewing beer, Harbinger coffee and Jodar Farms eggs.

While the gingerbread and its gingerbread people friends stand out, the Northern Colorado bakery also has cranberry rosemary shortbread, stollen, fig bars, chocolate sable cookies, salted almond cluster bars, peanut brittle, pecan sandies and more, including sugarplums. They are dancing in my head.

Of course, it has all the cookies, as it is among the places to find the best cookies in Northern Colorado.

christmas cookies at Little Bird in Fort Collins, Colorado
Christine Kapperman TSM

Make fruitcake yourself

So, while scratch-made fruitcake in Northern Colorado might not exist, plenty of recipes found on YouTube might make the confection a new Christmas tradition around here.

New Country 99.1's A.J. tastes fruitcake
Christine Kapperman TSM

Watch out, A.J. I might have more taste tests for you soon.

Meanwhile, if cookies are more your thing, check out where to find the best cookies in NoCo.

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