Something may be going on at Foote Lagoon in Loveland, as officials investigate why, over the last few days, four geese have turned up dead.

One goose turning up dead, odd. Two, eerie, Three, you start to worry, Four dead geese in one location, and you've got yourself a situation. That's where things stand today (July 28, 2021) for the City of Loveland.

In a recent Facebook post, the City of Loveland says that there's no need for the public to be concerned that any humans may be in danger, but they are trying to find out what happened to these geese, and if any other animals could be in danger.

The city says that they've added more surveillance, which may lead to either the sighting of an aggressive animal that attacked the geese or a human perpetrator harming them (the city hasn't said whether they believe one way or the other on human or animal involvement.)

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They are also working with other (unnamed) agencies to determine what may have happened to these four geese. The City wasn't specific as to what had happened to them; as in, animal attack, pellet wounds, or 'no visual signs,' so it's hard to say what direction they may be looking in.

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Hopefully, they figure out what's going on soon, before any more geese turn up dead at such a beautiful spot in Loveland.

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