SuperShuttle has discontinued its service to Denver International Airport from Greeley and Longmont.

According to the Times-Call, SuperShuttle recently dropped its Greeley/Evans route and will discontinue its Longmont route on Tuesday.

Granted, there are other services that take passengers from Northern Colorado to DIA, but SuperShuttle has been the region's largest shuttle company for airport rides. Understandably, many customers are left wondering what to do.

For Greeley residents, Green Ride is always a really good option. The rides take off from the Northern Colorado Regional Airport, which isn't too far of a drive away. (Green Ride also has a Boulder route, which could be helpful for Longmont residents.) Greeley Shuttle also offers rides to DIA and might serve you as a more convenient way of getting there. And while airport rides might get a little pricey, Uber and Lyft are also options.

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