Spiders and snakes. I've encountered my fair share of both in my life, and merely thinking about some of those stories gives me the heebie jeebies. They are two things that will absolutely send me into nightmare town.

Add the worse of the two - snakes - to something I love: Horsetooth Reservoir. And now I'll probably never sleep again.

Listen, I know snakes are all over the State of Colorado and in particular up around the trails of Horsetooth, of course. This time of year in particular, you don't want to go poking around any bushy areas without being mindful of where you are and what you're standing on.

But shouldn't it be a given that if you're out on the remote sanctity of the water, especially on a boat, that you should be exempt from running into snakes? Don't we have a deal with the snakes? Well, we should. But nope. We do not.

Check out Exhibit A below, from the NoCo Trail Conditions group on Facebook.

While I genuinely have no idea whatsoever you need to do to avoid snakes swimming in the water - for the love of all things holy - there are a few things you should remember if you're out and about this time of year wherever rattlesnakes might call home.

1. Most rattler bites occur when you accidentally step on one. So, you know, don't go walking anywhere. Kidding. Be very observant of where you're walking and watch where you step - or what you're about to step on. And wear long pants with shoes. Shorts and flip flops are a nightmare scenario if snakes are around.

2. If you see a snake, resist the temptation to scream your head off and run. Just slowly back up and quietly go back the way you came. Do not provoke it. Pretend you were never there. If they don't hear or see you, they won't be threatened and you'll be just fine.

3. Never pick up big rocks, root around in bushes or leaves unless you're 110% certain there is no rattlesnake in there. These are among the places they like to hide. They come out for the warm days, but once it starts to get too hot, they do seek shade and cooler places. Hence why this dude was probably taking a swim. Which does not excuse it. We should have a deal. The water is ours.

And with that brief list of advice, I'm off to seek therapy. Happy swimming!

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