A popular comic was doing his stand-up show at a Colorado venue, when he should have just been eating tacos and watching mindless TV, he was that high.

Colorado does have a reputation for being "about marijuana," but this comic admitted he got "carried away." Carried away so much, that he had to be practically carried off the stage after bombing so bad.

Nick Swardson
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Comedian Nick Swards was on a multi-city tour in 2024 doing his stand-up show; in early March the performer was in Colorado for a stretch of at least four shows. It was his scheduled stop in Beaver Creek on March 4, that went sour.

What is Nick Swardson Known For?

Among the funny things that Nick has been a part of, many may remember Nick from portraying "Terry" on the hit comedy, "Reno 911!"

What Happened with Nick Swardson in Beaver Creek. Colorado?

Vilar Performing Arts Center Beaver Creek
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Nick was performing at Beaver Creek's Vilar Performing Arts Center, where many big names have performed (B.B. King, Penn & Teller, Toto, etc.)

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Things were so bad, for Nick, that they had to stop his show, according to USA Today.

Here, he's wanting to tell a joke about Jason Stratham, but cannot gather his thoughts enough to do it:

In this video, you see that they cut his light, and turn his mic off. Then, someone comes to get him to walk him off the stage; then, the Director of Operations of the venue apologizing to the audience.

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