Colorado's trademark 300 days of sunshine could be saving your life.

Research from Karolinska Institute over the span of 20 years with nearly 30,000 people shows not getting enough sun could kill you.

According to the study researchers at the Karolinska Institute say "the results of this study clearly showed that mortality was about double in women who avoided sun exposure compared to the highest exposure group. The mortality rate was increased twofold among avoiders of sun exposure."

Of course overexposure is never a good idea, but with a moderate amount sun consumption is the best way to get vitamin D.

If you didn't know sun exposure actually has more health benefits than just getting a nice tan.

It helps increase your immune system while lowering risks of chronic disease and death because cells in your body require an active form of vitamin D to access the genetic blueprints inside your cells.

International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health says 12 percent of all U.S. deaths may be linked to inadequate sun exposure.

So, go get your sunshine on.

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