Recently, it feels like there’s been a lot of talk about Colorado’s declining status as a premier state to live in. 

Whether it’s terrible landlords, road rage, or the fact that the state keeps falling down the rankings of best places to live, it’s easy to feel the state has declined in some ways. 

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However, it’s certainly not all doom and gloom. For example, three cities in Colorado were recently ranked as some of the most caring in the entire country. 

A new ranking from has found which cities in the country have the best community spirit, and as it would turn out, one Colorado city ranks as one of the best in that regard. 

Denver Ranks as the Fifth Best City in the Country for Community


Denver feels like a place where many people who move to Colorado end up. Maybe it’s the allure of getting the mountain views mixed with a big city feel, but it apparently is a great place to meet new people.’s ranking looked at what places in the North America offer the most community spaces for people. They looked at the availability of both specific meetup groups, along with the available meetup groups per 10,000 people. 

Denver ranked fifth, and it was because it had quite a few meetup groups. If you want to get involved with a community in Denver, you have 616 to choose from. That’s 8.8 groups per 10,000 people. 

Who Ranked Higher Than Denver? 


Only four cities in North America ranked higher in terms of the amount of communities they offer people. 

Portland took the fourth spot, with 745 available meetup groups and 12.0 meetup groups per 10,000 people. 

In third place was Vancouver, Canada. They have 842 meetup groups, which averages out to 12.7 groups per 10,000 people. 

Getting the silver medal is Boston, which has a total of 1,051 groups. That’s 17 groups per 10,000 people. 

Finally, Seattle finished first, and to be honest, it wasn’t even close. They have 1,774 meetup groups, which means there are 24.5 groups per 10,000 people. All things considered, that absolutely blows away the rest of the competition, let alone Denver.

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