A new mural designed and painted by local youth and Greeley artist Armando Silva shares a tobacco-free and substance use prevention message. The Weld County Health Department’s Tobacco Control Program and PACT (Preventing Addiction Caused by Tobacco) Youth Advocates teamed up with Silva to paint the mural “Protect Your Future” on the back-west wall of 805 8th Street in Downtown Greeley.

The mural portrays the importance of smoke and vapor free places to protect the future of Weld County Youth.

Studies show that young people who live in communities with strong clean air protections are less likely to smoke than those who live in communities with weaker protections. In Weld County 17% of high school students report smoking cigarettes on one or more days in the past month and nearly half of Colorado youth have tired an e-cigarette. This mural highlights the need for more work to be done to protect the heart, lungs and future of Weld County youth.

The mural project also offered youth an opportunity to contribute to a work of public art and empowered them to make a change within their community.

Unveiling Celebration

A mural unveiling celebration will occur on Friday July 14th from 5.30pm-6.30pm on the corner of 8th Avenue and 7th Street.

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