Last week, the Colorado State University System (CSU System) announced their choices for the artists who would populate the new Spur campus with eye-popping works of art, each meant to embody a facet of the new campus’ offerings and mission. Of the artists chosen, four call Colorado home, while an additional three hail from across the United States, and the last from across the pond in London.

The CSU System, comprised of its three constituent institutions of CSU in Fort Collins, CSU Pueblo, and CSU Global, is working to open the Spur campus in 2022. The campus, once it’s completed, will act as a hub for concerts and conferences, provide classes and labs for both university students and the community at large, include office space for companies, open studios for artists, retail locations, and food options. Oh, yeah, and there’ll be a bar for happy hour, too—because what’s the point if there’s no place to sample brews and cocktails in Colorado?

Along with the campus’ robust offerings to the community, the Spur campus is set to be a work of art in and of itself. Once the campus is complete, you’ll be able to find eight large-scale art installations dotted among the buildings, ranging from futuristic sculptures to murals highlighting Denver’s iconic street art.

According to a press release from the CSU System, over 445 local, national and international artists responded to CSU’s call for artistic concepts, out of which only eight creators could be chosen.

Now that the selection has been made, each of the artists will receive over $162,000 to complete their respective projects, which will be installed between August of 2021 and June of 2022. In addition, they’ll each will be encouraged to work with the local communities around them to create their masterpieces, truly integrating the campus into the local fabric of Denver.




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“The artists selected each have a brilliant and unique approach that will add to the Denver landscape — their works are meaningful, sustainable, and inspiring. Within each of these works is diversity of thought and artistic approach,” said Amy Parsons, executive vice chancellor of the CSU System.

Here’s the artists that were selected to live up to such high praise:

Each of the above artists encompassed different themes of the new campus in their concepts, ranging from agriculture and water to Colorado's history and culture, providing a broad subject range for display.

It goes without saying that we’re excited to see these pieces go up—You know, once we’re allowed to go out in public and are forced to put on real pants again. That’ll probably be a thing by 2022, right?

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