Wait times and safety at the Larimer County landfill will improve due to the addition of a new lane.

The Larimer County landfill, located at 5887 S. Taft Hill Road in Fort Collins, now has a new lane leading to Gate 4, named "Waste Wizard Lane." It has been designated for commercial trash haulers with radio frequency identification (RFID) stickers.

The stickers will enable haulers to bypass the traditional scale houses, improving wait times and safety for other non-commercial customers in the traditional scale house lines.

Trucks with the RFID sticker will pass a scanner at Gate 4 and retrieve a ticket from the machine. A picture will be taken as the truck approaches the gate, and commercial haulers will be billed monthly for their visits.

For more information about the landfill and related services, call the Larimer County Solid Waste Department's 24-hour information line at 970-498-5770. You can also find more information online by clicking HERE.

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