The Greeley History Museum has a new exhibit and its.... unusual. From the names to the artifacts this could be one of the most interesting exhibits coming this year.

It's called “Unmentionable: The Indiscreet Stories of Artifacts” its from August 24, 2019 to July 14, 2020.

According to the Greeley History Museum, the exhibition explores some of the unusual, icky, disturbing, awful, uncomfortable and surprising artifacts from the museum’s collection.

Some artifacts are not displayed because of the gross and uncomfortable factor they have. However, the museum is layin' it all on the table... literally. All controversial artifacts will be together in one place with stories of how, where and why they came to be.

According to the Greeley History Museum, some of the artifacts on display include a necklace made of human hair and a photo of doctors performing neurosurgery at the Greeley Hospital in 1953.

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