Many are still suffering from the pandemic, but that doesn't mean rent prices are going down. Despite Coloradans losing jobs and income due to COVID-19, rent prices continue to rise in our state.

According to a study from Self Financial, over the past decade, rent in some parts of Colorado has increased by over 60%. Yikes. That's the third largest growth in rent, right behind Washington and Oregon.

Specifically in Northern Colorado, the study says Fort Collins has seen a 50.8% increase and Greeley has seen a 49.7% increase.

In 2020, the average price of a rented property comes to around $1,400. As someone who's been renting in Fort Collins for ten years, I can tell you: this is completely accurate. 

As acclaim for our city continues to spread nationwide (I mean, everyone in America wants to live in the Napa Valley of craft beer!), more and more out of state imports flood our city limits, and rent prices continue to rise. I don't expect this to go down anytime you?

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