Colorado has so much fun and adventure to offer, at any time of the year. This new rooftop ice skating rink in Colorado looks to be a must-try this holiday season.

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Rooftop Ice Skating In Colorado

Ice Skates

Growing up I was the roller skating master. I skating at a rink in Thornton, Colorado, called Roller Express as a kid, and loved it so much that I eventually started working there at 12 years old.

I'd clean up spills, pick up skates, and run the snack bar, but besides getting to DJ, my favorite part of the job was that I got to skate. Funny how you can be great at one type of skating, but terrible at another...


On roller skates, I was, and still am, pretty good. Slap on ice skates though, and it's like I completely forget how to balance. I've decided it's because of the natural reaction to being on the ice, which is to tense up. I don't wanna fall because ice hurts. Nevertheless, ice skating is a cooler weather and holiday tradition, and this new Skydeck spin on it might make it even more fun.

Rooftop Ice Skating At Pindustry In Colorado

The Pindustry in Greenwood Village is known for its bowling, live music, games, food & drinks, and more. This season, the "more" is for "ice skating," and they've created something super cool. Literally.

Turning their Skydeck area into an ice rink experience, Pindustry on Ice has leveled up on every other traditional ice skating rink in the state. While not real ice, the 2,400-square-foot rink, which is billed as the largest skydeck ice rink in Colorado, is made of synthetic ice giving the look and feel of actually skating on ice.

Outside of Christmas Day, the Skydeck Ice RInk on top of the Pindustry will be open daily through March of 2024 and is only $15 per skater. They do have ice skate rentals available for $5, as well as all kinds of different food and drink options.

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