A new Colorado license plate could honor victims of the Aurora theater shooting...if it's approved, that is.

Aurora Rise, a non-profit organization created after the July 2012 shooting, is campaigning for the plate; however, 3,000 signatures are needed to start the process of approving it.

According to The Aurora Sentinel, money from the plates would benefit Colorado's Victim Compensation Fund, which is also funded by criminals convicted of felonies, misdemeanors, or traffic offenses.

This would allow the group to help not only the families of the shooting victims, but also any crime victim in the state in need of assistance.

The license plate design has not been finalized yet, but the draft currently features a blue ribbon to represent victims' rights, and the words 'We Rise' in the middle.

It also shows 13 stars in the sky above the Colorado mountains to remember the 12 people and one unborn child that were killed in the shooting.

If you would like to offer your signature, you can find the petition form here.

Once enough signatures are gathered, the Department of Revenue and the Division of Motor Vehicles will have to sign off on the plate.

The legislature will then make the final decision regarding the license plate.

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