In Outside Magazine's annual list, the publication covers 50 great companies across the U.S.; companies that shine in the areas of employee satisfaction, vacation days, and fair salaries. New Belgium Brewing has been on this list before, and in 2020, they've managed to land it again.

In 2020, workplaces nationwide have had to shift their focus, making it easy for employees to work from home. As someone who spent a year at New Belgium, I can tell you, they've always made it easy for employees to enjoy their lives outside of work: to work from home, to take care of sick children, to pick up loved ones from the airport...and those are just examples. It's a flexible workplace, and others are noticing.

According to Outside, New Belgium Brewing's most attractive features are those we're all pretty familiar with: how employees get a free six-pack of beer each week, how there's an on-site medical clinic for employees and the option for 100 percent coverage of employee health care premiums, company volleyball tournaments, and more.

As someone who was once on the inside, I can assure you that New Belgium always wanted their employees to enjoy all the facets of their lives, both inside and outside of the "mothership." NBB made number 40 on this list, with other Colorado companies highlighted on the site as well, companies like Skratch Labs in Boulder and First Descents in Denver. For the full list, click here.

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