We're a couple days late in wishing one of our favorite breweries a "happy birthday"!

New Belgium Brewing posted on their Facebook June 29 to celebrate the day their beer (at the time, just their Fat Tire and Abbey Belgian Style Dubbel) was available to the public for the first time, at the Colorado Brewer's Festival in Fort Collins.

As a New Belgium alum (I used to work on their social media team), one of the greatest stories their staff tells with pride is the day one of their founders, Jeff Lebesch, came up with the idea for the brewery on the seat of his bicycle while touring around Belgium. And while that story⁠— and anniversary— is worth celebrating, so is the first time we, as beer lovers, got to sip Fat Tire for the first time.

Check out their sweet tribute right here, and grab a celebratory beer for yourself on their newly reopened patio this week.

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